Corky’s Kennel

Pet Boarding & Grooming in Southern Johnson County
(913) 912-0944

Est. 1988



Our kennel is a family-run boarding facility. We cater to dogs of all sizes as well as cats. The facility is located in a 2-story barn that was remodeled into a kennel in 1988. It has been in continuous operation for 32 years.


The indoor climate-controlled kennel offers several run sizes. We have 4x8 and 3x8 runs along with stainless steel compartments. All runs and compartments are cleaned daily. Bedding is changed daily.


Each day, we arrive early in the morning to hand-walk each dog outside individually. We then go throughout the entire facility cleaning each run and compartment, replacing bedding as needed. We then feed each boarder and replenish each bowl with fresh water. Our kennel is open to the public between 8-10 AM each morning for incoming/outgoing boarders. Our quiet time is between 10 AM–4 PM each day. In the late afternoon, we begin the process all over again, reopening the kennel to the public between 4-6 PM daily.


Each boarder is hand-walked outside twice a day for potty time and recreation. For safety reasons, we do not mix any of our guests with each other unless they are from the same family.


Additional Services

Bathing: We offer exit baths to all our canine boarders. Prices vary on size and hair coat of each dog—ask staff for pricing. Mandatory baths are given to any boarder that is prone to accidents while boarding with us at owner’s expense. This is to keep your pet and our kennel clean. You will only be charged for one bath in this case, even if we give your pet multiple baths.

Veterinarian services through Aubry Animal Clinic are available as needed. Grooming is also available.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, sanitary and unstressful boarding experience for your loved companion.